Bean vortex

Inside the 'Bean'
If you happen to be visiting Chicago, Illinois; a must see is 'The Cloud Gate' a.k.a 'The Bean' designed by artist Anish Kapoor.

It is located in the Millennum park within the Loop area of Chicago, and is a truly mesmerising sculpture. 80% of its surface reflects the sky, and the rest just as much fun to see. It was unveiled in 2004 and I don't think anyone realised was a magnet this would become. Since returning home I have seen some amazing photographs of this piece during the various seasons in Chicago, particularly in the snowy winter, as it reflects the cityscape in 360 degrees. Kinda takes you back to the house of mirrors at the local fun fair - but so much nicer!

Further images of the bean by others: The Bean

Exhibitions and Awards

Portrait of Gerard Butler - SA award

The following painting and sketch have both received 'Special Recognition' awards with the Online Gallery 'Light Space and time'. The most recent is that received for the 'Portrait of Gerard Butler' in the Figurative Art Exhibition in June 2013

Please follow the links below to view the exhibitions.

Figurative Art Exhibition 2013

All Women Art Exhibition 2013

Vesak 2013

Vesak Lantern at the Festival in Colombo

The Lanterns and Pandols at Vesak - 24th May 2013

Vesak is an important date in the Buddhist calendar as is it commemorates the 3 most important phases in Buddha's life. 1. His Birth, 2. His enlightenment and 3. His Death. It is celebrated all over the world on the full moon day of May (usually, but this varies on the lunar calendar), with religious activities including sermons, blessings and alms givings which last about a week. This year in Sri Lanka, the Vesak festival starts on the 24th of May 2013.

The most spectacular event of this festival are the displays of the brightly colored and lit Pandols (Torana's) and the delicate Lanterns (Vesak Kudu) swaying in the breeze along the main streets of the city.

The Lanterns are made out of tissue paper and bamboo sticks, and are designed to be either lit by candles or bulbs. This is to signify the 'light' of the Triple Gem; Buddha, Dharma and Sangha. These are hung along the streets and on the front porches of every Buddhist household.

The Pandols are constructed along the main streets of the larger cities in Sri Lanka; Colombo, Kandy and Galle. These are usually sponsored by companies, donors or religious societies and are large gay well lit billboards with illustrations of Buddha's life and the Jataka stories, which are the past life stories of the Buddha.

Competitions are held for the most beautiful lanterns and Pandols, and each year the talent and ingenuity increases. Follow ths link to view a small selection of this years lanterns and Pandols which were displayed in Colombo.

Do you have any pictures celebrating Vesak this year from your home towns? Would be great to see them so please send them to

For more information on Vesak celebrations around the world, please visit and for Sri Lanka  


Marked for Marriage - SA award


Event: ALL WOMEN ART COMPETITION 2013 - Light Space and Time Online Gallery

Date: 1st -28th February 2013

Description: The painting of a henna dyed hand titled 'Marked for Marriage' has received a special recognition in the 'All Women art competition 2013' with the online gallery 'Light Space and Time'. You can view this painting along with all the other pieces by the winners, special recognitions etc. that have been published on the link below.

Exhibition of Paintings and sketches

Description: A small collection of my paintings and sketches of nature and memorable experiences will be exhibited at the venue below.

Date: 16th - 28th January 2012

Venue: The Pavilion Cafe, Off College Road, Dulwich Park, London SE21 7BQ

Opening times: 8.30am - 4.15pm